20 mph limit outside of schools

20 mph limit outside of schools

Journeys to school should be safer than ever as schools in Wiltshire are being encouraged to apply for 20 mph zones outside their property.

A policy recently introduced by Wiltshire Council means any school with an up-to-date travel plan can bid for funding through area boards and Taking Action on School Journeys fund. It won’t benefit all schools, however this policy is in place to enable those which feel it will assist them.

Philip Whitehead, cabinet member for highways, said: “It is always our priority to ensure children can get to and from school safely. We’ve had many complaints from parents, pupils, teachers and residents over the last few years about traffic travelling too quickly near schools.

“To help with these issues, we’ve been working on this solution which means schools can decide what they need and apply for the relevant funding. We want to balance the needs of local people with the need to ensure children can travel to and from school safely, and I think this is a great way to do that.”

The 20mph zone may use standard signs or flashing lights and will operate at the start and finish times of the school. The zones will operate in the direct vicinity of the school to improve safety for children and parents traveling to school.

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