Army Basing November 2016

Army Basing November 2016

Archaeological Finds Planning permission for the 917 Service Family Accommodation (SFA) units was granted in July and you may have noticed recent activity at these sites. The archaeologists employed by the MOD have been excavating the ground before construction gets underway. They found a range of interesting artefacts, graves, structures and WW1 training trenches across the Bulford and Larkhill sites, plus further finds in the Ashdown Estate in Tidworth opposite Tedworth House. A public exhibition at the Tidworth Garrison Theatre is to be held on 8 December from 6.00 p.m. to present the findings to the public. The local garrison commanders welcome you to attend this free exhibition.

MOD Development Contracts The MOD extended the Allenby Connaught (PFI) Contract with Aspire Defence Ltd on 1 November, to construct the facilities required under the ABP within the MOD camps. Over the next four years new and enhanced garrison facilities will be completed at Bulford, Tidworth, Perham Down, Larkhill (and Aldershot). By 2020, 130 new buildings and over 2,600 additional bed spaces for single soldiers will be created at a cost of c. £1.1 billion.

In addition, Lovell Partnerships (part of the Morgan Sindall Group), has been appointed as the preferred bidder for the full SFA build (917 units). A pre-construction agreement was recently authorized.

Community Facilities On 9 November, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the MOD (Defence Infrastructure Organisation), Wiltshire Council and Lovell Partnerships which will facilitate provision of a community facility adjacent to the new SFA site at Corunna Barracks (Ludgershall). In return for the local Town Council accepting a delay in the transfer of the building, until 2020 so that Lovell can use it as its SFA HQ, the company will adapt and refurbish the building so that it is suited for future community needs.

In addition the Sports and Community Access Scheme was agreed by Wiltshire Council and DIO in November. It will make a range of MOD community facilities available to recognised local civilian groups. Further details will soon be published on Aspire’s website:

Somme Road Cycle Path – Official Opening The new cycle path has now been completed with the final phases (lighting and landscaping) having been commissioned recently. An official opening on 7 December will take place at 3.00 p.m. This is a fine example of how the military invest in local facilities for the benefit of both military and civilian communities.

Future Activity

Late 2016: The ‘behind the wire’ construction programme begins

• Mid 2017: The SFA construction programme is expected to commence

• Summer 2018: St Michael’s Primary school build is due to complete to allow its transfer from Figheldean

• By August 2019: Additional school capacity required by the Army Basing Programme will be completed

• Summer 2019: Majority of Service personnel are due to move to Salisbury Plain.

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