Army Basing Newsletter – April 2016

Army Basing Newsletter – April 2016

Strategic Planning Committee Resolves to Grant Permission for the Army Basing Service Family Accommodation on Salisbury Plain

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) met on 13th April 2016 at County Hall, Trowbridge to consider the three Service Family Accommodation (SFA) planning applications which covered the following proposals:

• 227 SFA homes in Bulford (reference: 15/04006/FUL)

• 246 SFA homes in Ludgershall (reference: 15/02770/FUL)

• 444 SFA homes in Larkhill (reference: 15/05540/FUL

The committee resolved to grant permission for all three applications subject to the conditions recommended by the planning officer to the SPC and agreement of a Section 106 Agreement (which will define the contributions by the MOD) that must also make reference to the provision of affordable housing if the houses are sold on the open market. There were additional caveats:

• In respect of Ludgershall and Bulford, that additional “informatives” relating to speed limits on roads surrounding the development site be made to address road safety. (It should be noted that Informatives allow the local planning authority to draw an applicant’s attention to other relevant matters, but cannot be used in lieu of planning conditions).

• In respect of Larkhill: o that the final design of the new roundabout access to the SFA must take account of Historic England comments in respect of the assessment of visual impacts, including a night skies assessment, to demonstrate the outstanding universal value of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site is protected;

o that prior to the its determination, assessment be given of the relative merits of a 3-legged or 4-legged design for the roundabout access to the site and, if necessary, changes to that access being incorporated into the proposed development;

o that in dealing with boundary treatments beside the Golf Centre, specific reference was to be made to consider the risk from wayward golf balls impacting upon the SFA site.

Section 106 Agreement

The MOD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Wiltshire Council have attended a series of meetings to finalise the section 106 agreement. The final version will reflect upon any changes that may be required from the outcome of the SPC deliberations and it is hoped to sign and seal the agreement in May 2016.

Future Activity

Early July 2016: The school extensions in Bulford will complete to accommodate children from 5 RIFLES

• Late Jun to Aug 2016: The first unit relocates to Salisbury Plain (Bulford) from Germany (5 RIFLES)

• Autumn 2016: The camps construction programme is expected to commence,

• Early 2017: The SFA construction programme is expected to commence

• Summer 2018: St Michael’s Primary school build is due to complete to allow its transfer from Figheldean

• By Autumn 2019: Additional school capacity required by the Army Basing Programme will be available

• Summer 2019: Majority of Service personnel are due to move to Salisbury Plain

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