Army Basing Newsletter – July 2016

Army Basing Newsletter – July 2016

This regular publication aims to update you on the Army Basing Programme (ABP) announced in 2013 stating c. 4,000 additional Service personnel plus their families would relocate to Salisbury Plain by 2020.

The Relocation of 5 RIFLES to Bulford  

The relocation of 5 RIFLES to Bulford commenced on 27th June.  Some 730 Service personnel and their families (which include over 240 children) will arrive from Paderborn by the end of August.  Wiltshire welcomes their arrival and extensive plans have been made to prepare them for the many opportunities that the county can offer.

The primary schools at St Leonard’s and Kiwi have recently been extended to ensure sufficient places will be available to them and other units (the 1st Battalion the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment and the Headquarters of 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade) transferring by 2019.  Kiwi’s extension, to be funded by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), was completed in early June and will be in use at the start of the new school year in September.

Salisbury Plain Training Area – Service Family Accommodation Planning Permission

After extensive consultation with statutory authorities and local communities, the Section 106 agreement was “completed” on the 19th July, and planning permission for the 917 SFA units was formally granted on the 26th July.  This marks the culmination of a huge piece of work by the MOD’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation and provides further surety on the future MOD development in the area.  Together with the construction of 322 SFA units in Tidworth, which is underway and the permission for extensive redevelopment of Bulford, Tidworth, Larkhill and Perham Down camps, these new builds demonstrate the MOD’s commitment to Wiltshire.  Significant economic and social benefits will arise from these programmes.

Wiltshire Council and the MOD will continue to work together to ensure that the units to transfer to Salisbury Plain will be welcomed and additional council, health and other services are available for them.

Opportunities for on-call Firefighters 

The newly formed Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service is seeking additional “on-call” firefighters (formerly called “retained firefighters”). These opportunities have been made known to the families of incoming units from Germany.  However, the Fire Service is keen to promote this to the wider public in the Salisbury Plain area. Contracted hours vary, but personnel are usually available for between 48 and 120 hours per week. They receive the same training as “whole-time” colleagues and can be called to all manner of emergencies, including fires, road traffic collisions, animal rescues and flooding.  If you live or work within five minutes of a fire station, and are interested in this worthwhile form of (paid) employment, further details on the opportunities that currently exist are available from or call 01722 691444 (24 hour line).

Future Activity

  • Autumn 2016: The camps construction programme is expected to commence,
  • Early 2017: The SFA construction programme is expected to commence
  • Summer 2018: St Michael’s Primary school build is due to complete to allow its transfer from Figheldean
  • By Autumn 2019: Additional school capacity required by the Army Basing Programme will be available
  • Autumn 2019: Majority of Service personnel are due to move to Salisbury Plain
  • End 2020: All MOD construction will have completed and the ABP will be fully implemented. 

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