Army Basing Newsletter – July 2017

Army Basing Newsletter – July 2017

This publication aims to regularly update you on the Army Basing Programme (ABP) announced in 2013 stating some 4,000 additional Service personnel plus their families would relocate to Salisbury Plain by 2020.

Behind the wire construction: Aspire Defence continues to deliver construction works at pace and to timescale across all ABP garrison sites within the Project/Allenby Connaught footprint. The first completed ABP asset (24-bed Officers’ Single Living Accommodation) was handed over to Larkhill Garrison at the end of May. Buildings currently under construction include Messes, Regimental Headquarters, offices and stores. Between July &September, work is beginning on the Medical/Dental extension at Bulford. Demolitions /groundworks are in hand out across all sites.

Larkhill travel notice: Essential work to provide increased utility capacity and a new roundabout access to the new Service Family Accommodation (SFA) and St Michael’s primary school is underway. Considerable planning has occurred to minimise the disruption, including advance notice of the works, speed restrictions, weight limits and diversion signs. The MOD has also installed additional signage the roads it owns at Larkhill to make it clear that they are not for public use. The situation is being closely monitored by the MOD, its contractor Lovell, and Wiltshire Council. Additionally, accelerated working has been implemented to shorten the works duration so the roads can be fully re-opened as soon as possible, to minimise inconvenience to the local communities. The following work is in hand:

May to September: Wessex Water will construct a new sewer – westwards from Ratfyn and westwards from A345 Stonehenge Inn roundabout. Temporary traffic lights will be in place

Early-July to mid-August: Full Eastbound road closure, with fully signed diversion at The Packway between Wood Road Junction and the Stonehenge Inn Roundabout.

Mid-August to Late-September: Full closure of The Packway between Stonehenge Inn Roundabout and Biddulph Rd.

October to December: The Packway Westbound closure reopened with full Eastbound closure remaining in place.

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St Michael’s school build: Work started in mid-June and was marked by a formal “turf-cutting” ceremony attended by the Bishop of Salisbury, school pupils, staff, Larkhill Garrison and Wiltshire Council. The school being built on land provided by the MOD will cater for 420 pupils plus 60 nursery places. The work will complete in summer of 2018.

Other schools: Planning is well underway to extend the Avon Valley College (AVC), Wellington Academy and the new primary school in Ludgershall. Planning permission has been sought for the AVC extension and other applications will be submitted in the autumn for the remaining schools, all of which will complete in 2019 to accommodate school children from Army families who relocate to Wiltshire.

Larkhill SFA: Following the discovery of significant archaeological structures and the closure of the Stonehenge Golf Centre at the end of May, the SFA layout has been revised. New planning applications for most of the homes is now being considered, with the final phase to deliver the circa 440 homes due to be submitted shortly. An improved layout can be achieved with less terracing, provision of “homes for life” which allow disabled dependants to be housed without having to use stairs, for example and slightly different road layouts. The overall impact will not change with the same supporting infrastructure, ecological mitigation and road junction improvements to be implemented.

Councillor Reference Group Meeting : Local Wiltshire councillors have met with officers from the start of the ABP so they are fully informed of plans and can represent local views on any aspects of it. The meetings have been less frequent since the SFA planning permission was granted, but as there were four new councillors following the May elections, the meeting reconvened on 22 June. A dozen attended the meeting where the latest programme position was explained. This enables the councillors to brief local area boards and council meetings on the ABP.

Future Activity

September 2017: The SFA construction programme is expected to commence

• Summer 2018: St Michael’s Primary school build is due to complete enabling transfer from Figheldean

• By August 2019: Additional school capacity required by the Army Basing Programme will be completed

• Summer 2019: Majority of Service personnel are due to move to Salisbury Plain.

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