Army Basing Newsletter – October 2016

Army Basing Newsletter – October 2016

This publication aims to regularly update you on the Army Basing Programme (ABP) announced in 2013 stating some 4,000 additional Service personnel plus their families would relocate to Salisbury Plain by 2020.

Official Return of 5 RIFLES 5th Battalion The Rifles (5 RIFLES) signalled the completion of their move from Paderborn in Germany to Bulford by Sounding the Retreat on 26th September.

The Band and Bugles of The Rifles gave their guests a rousing performance of both modern and traditional tunes concluding with ‘Sunset (bugle call)’. The salute was taken by both General Sir Nick Carter, Chief of the General Staff, and the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Mrs Sarah Troughton.

Other distinguished guests included Baroness Scott of Bybrook, OBE, Leader of Wiltshire Council and the Mayor of Salisbury, Derek Brown and many senior retired officers from the regiment. Also attending were soldiers and officers of the Battalion with family and friends.

Completion of the LGA Peer Review Between 26th and 29th September, the Local Government Association reviewed how well Wiltshire Council has managed the impact of the ABP in its planning for new infrastructure and service delivery for the additional 7,200 military community settling in Wiltshire by 2020. It also examined its stakeholder engagement. The peer review was extremely positive and the team felt Wiltshire Council’s management of the programme should be regarded as an example of best practice and shared with other local authorities in due course. Wiltshire Council acknowledges the enthusiastic input from a variety of partners including the emergency services, schools, NHS, the MOD and chairs of the area boards.

Kiwi School Official Opening The extension of Kiwi School in Bulford was officially opened on 10th October. The ceremony was attended by special guest Richard Jones from this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. This is the first piece of infrastructure that is funded by the MOD as part of the section 106 agreement for the SFA build.

Somme Road Cycle Path – Open for Use The new cycle path has been in use since the surface was completed in early summer. The final touches (lighting and landscaping) are due to be completed in mid-October and it is hoped to arrange an official opening in early November. Further cycle paths are being incorporated into the SFA builds to enable safe and healthy transport options for Service personnel and their families, and to minimise car journeys.

Wiltshire Council staff wear their uniform to work for national Reserves Day – 8 September

Wiltshire Council staff who also have a career in the military as members of the Reserve Forces were encouraged to wear their uniform to work for Reserves Day in September. Staff Sergeant Ian Stott of the Royal Signals Regiment set up a stand at County Hall to encourage interest in the Reserves. They were joined by Baroness Scott, and the Wiltshire Military Civilian Integration Partnership Board members, to talk about their roles and experiences in the Armed Forces See:

Future Activity

Autumn 2016: The ‘behind the wire’ construction programme begins

• Mid 2017: The SFA construction programme is expected to commence

• Summer 2018: St Michael’s Primary school build is due to complete to allow its transfer from Figheldean

• By August 2019: Additional school capacity required by the Army Basing Programme will be completed

• Summer 2019: Majority of Service personnel are due to move to Salisbury Plain.

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