Arts & Crafts Week at Tedworth House

Arts & Crafts Week at Tedworth House

Last week an ‘Arts and Crafts’ week was held at Help for Heroes Recovery Centre Tedworth House for the first time ever – with activities ranging from wreath making to wire sculpting the residents got to try lots of different creative activities as a taster-course to help with their recovery.


The arts and crafts week was put together to inspire, teach new creative skills with like-minded individuals to give a sense of camaraderie and live a more fulfilled life.

The eight beneficiaries met on Monday with one resident describing the group as ‘a quiet bunch’ but by Friday you could hear their laughter from the other side of the house.

On Friday, their work went on show in the presentation room and residents and staff went along to show their support.

The week was a huge success with the beneficiaries adding:

“The course has helped my progress so much. It’s been fun and approachable. It was an amazing course and I feel privileged to be a part of it.”

“I now feel much more capable but more importantly have realised it’s okay to fail in order to succeed”

“This has been one of the most rewarding weeks ever for me as it had a focus yet there was still enough freedom for self-discovery. Thank you so much”


Active hobbies like arts and craft foster an increased sense of purpose and enjoyment, personal wellbeing and confidence.

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