Be Sugar Smart and help to ease obesity crisis

Be Sugar Smart and help to ease obesity crisis

To mark National Obesity Awareness Week, and to help deal with this global issue locally, Wiltshire Council is asking individuals and organisations to be Sugar Smart and help play a key role in improving people’s health.

Obesity is a clinical term to above the healthy weight for their height and gender (a BMI of over 30)

In Wiltshire, more than 60% of our adult population are overweight or obese, and 20% of our children starting school overweight or obese.

As part of National Obesity Awareness Week (which runs until 14 January), Wiltshire Council staff have been invited to attend a workplace healthy eating seminar to discuss what we can all do in our workplaces to ensure the ‘healthy choice is the easiest choice’

Sugar Smart is a nationally run campaign led by Jamie Oliver and Sustain. Wiltshire Council is asking individuals, organisations, workplaces, libraries, supermarkets and anyone else to sign up to the campaign and make their pledge towards becoming a Sugar Smart setting pledges to reduce the amount of sugar they consume.  People can easily sign up by visiting

Wiltshire Council cabinet member for public health, Jerry Wickham said: “Tackling the major issue of obesity is a responsibility that falls on us all.

“Through our work with partners, we are trying to encourage a culture change and really get people thinking about their health.

“Being Sugar Smart would be a positive step for anyone to make. it’s a simple notion to commit to, but could make a big difference to people’s health and help turn the tide of the obesity crisis”.

For more information and support in setting up Sugar Smart pledges or to be a Sugar Smart ambassador please contact Katie Davies from the council’s public health team at

For support on healthy lifestyle for the whole family people can take a look at the council’s Healthy Weight 4 Life e-toolkit which is full of all the information and support you to help lead to a healthier lifestyle. It can be found at


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