Don’t let flu spoil your fun this winter!

flu jab

Did you know that if you are carer or over 65 you are eligible for a free flu vaccine this winter?

Influenza (The Flu) is a common infections illness that, for most healthy individuals, is an unpleasant but self-limiting disease.

However, for older people or those with underlying health conditions there is an increased risk that the flu will lead to increased health complications.

To help protect yourself and the person you care for, the NHS recommends you have a vaccine each winter.

Top five facts

  • If you are a main carer of someone with a long-term health condition or disability you are eligible for a free flu vaccination
  • If you are over 65 from 31st March 2018 you are eligible for a free flu vaccination
  • If you are a carer there is no age restriction to the vaccine
  • You can have your vaccine at your GP practice or participation pharmacy NOW!
  • You cannot catch flu from the vaccine, it doesn’t contain any of the live virus.

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Article credit: Carer Support Wiltshire


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