Exam buster workshop for South Wiltshire UTC students

Exam buster workshop for South Wiltshire UTC students

As exam time fast approaches students from the South Wiltshire UTC have been getting themselves ready for the challenge ahead, working with specialist provider Positively Mad.

Students took part in a fast-paced, high energy and interactive workshop, called Exam Busters, designed to improve memory skills, increase self-confidence and prepare for exams.
Year 11 student, Zoe Snowden, “It definitely showed me how to pick up key information and how to focus on retaining it.”
As well as the exam buster workshop students took part in a resilience, well-being and growth workshop too.
It’s designed to help teenagers become resilient to today’s pressures showing them how to spot and deal with the danger areas in their own lives whilst looking forward in a positive and inspiring way.
“It made me think about what I need to do to improve,” said Year 11 student Cameron Wilde.
“There are lots of benefits for our students from taking part in workshops like these, “said Principal, Joe Mulligan. “The Exam Buster workshop focuses on memory techniques to support exam revision and the Resilience workshop helps them look at the bigger picture and learn skills they can use now and in the future.”

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