Friends of Carer Support Wiltshire- Appeal to raise £25K in 2017

Friends of Carer Support Wiltshire- Appeal to raise £25K in 2017

Carer Support Wiltshire currently helps 25% of the 47,500 unpaid carers in Wiltshire. We are a charity and, like any other need help to raise funds.

We seek fundraising friends from across Wiltshire to help raise money to buy the small things in life that give carers a break from their 24/7 caring role.

A group fundraising endeavour is good fun. We see our Wiltshire fundraising friends as: Choirs, Sports Clubs, WI groups, Cycling Groups, Running Groups, Scouts/Guides, Rotary Clubs, Individuals and businesses.

1 in 3 carers never have an evening or a weekend break from their caring role.
1 in 3 carers feel guilty about taking a break or having a holiday.
1 in 3 carers said they didn’t want others to “fuss over them”.

The money raised will be spent on giving carers exactly what they need, whether it is: time, someone to help, or specialist equipment.

 Help a carer to buy someone’s time so that he/she can spend a few hours to:

  • Take the kids to a football match
  • Go running/keep fit/be active
  • Socialise with friends; have a pamper session
  • Enjoy some retail therapy, see a film or take up a hobby

Pay for someone to do the small practical tasks around the home

  • Trimming the hedge, mowing the lawn; some painting and decorating; fixing things.

Help to buy specialist equipment that will make caring easier

  • For example: specialist car seats for disabled children, that support both the trunk and hips more safely can comfortably than an ordinary car seat. Specialist baths, which move up and down, allowing safe entry and exit.

We will return your friendship with a visit and fundraising support and with thanks from carers who have benefitted from your gift.      

Things such as time. Time is a precious commodity – there is never enough of it.
For carers it is time for themselves that is often absent; most carers never clock off.

Please register your interest to become a fundraising friend of Carer Support Wiltshire.

Contact:  Jules Stanbridge

  • Direct Line: 01380 872119
  • Email:

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