Have your say on dementia care in Wiltshire: 25 July – 25 August 2017

Have your say on dementia care in Wiltshire: 25 July – 25 August 2017

To coincide with the public events that Healthwatch Wiltshire is running, an online survey is available for local people to have their say about new plans for dementia care in Wiltshire.

The proposed new plans

There are two proposals that Wiltshire Council and NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) would like to hear the public’s views about.

  1. Proposal One – Redesign an Integrated Dementia Pathway in Wiltshire to improve support at home
  • Team of specialists from different areas coming together to work alongside each other in one team (includes Dementia Advisors, Care Co-ordinators, Memory Nurses and other specialists).
  • Focus around the GP practice.
  • Invest in more specialist nurses linked to the local GP practice.
  1. Proposal Two – Increase the support to care homes for people living with dementia with the most complex needs
  • Identify, through talking to providers and care home managers the barriers to supporting people with the most complex needs.
  • Improve skills and expertise of staff, through in-depth, research based training for Managers and Support Staff.
  • Support through prioritised support from Care Home Liaison, Community Mental Health teams and potentially investing in “dedicated” GPs.
  • Care Home Liaison would be more targeted with reduced capacity to support all care homes.

What will the impact be on people?

These proposals aim to:

  • Focus on supporting people in the community
  • Enable people to live at home for longer
  • Provide care home places more locally for people who do need specialist care

 You can download full details in this information sheet.

 How can you get involved?

  • We are running public meetings in July at Trowbridge, Salisbury and Devizes. ALSO: now in Malmesbury on 16th August.
  • We can arrange for someone to talk to you on the telephone.
  • You can contact Healthwatch Wiltshire by phone, email or through our website.
  • You can complete the online survey, open 25 July to 25 August (hard copies available upon request).

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