Help for Heroes Mannequin Challenge

Help for Heroes Mannequin Challenge

You might be wondering why you’ve seen lots of friends, family and even celebrities standing still on your Facebook timelines – it’s because there is another viral challenge sweeping the web!

The #MannequinChallenge sees people act as mannequins and freezing on camera for a bit of fun – and local military charity Help for Heroes who are based in Tidworth have decided to give it a go too/

Staff and volunteers in the Tin Hut in Tidworth, which is where the charity began, stood extremely still (bar a few blinks) for just over a minute whilst a camera whizzed around the office which is covered with fundraiser photos.

The end of the video sees Mark Elliot, Help for Heroes Head of External Operations holding a sign which reads “Don’t stand still, do your bit!” encouraging everyone to get out there and fundraise as time doesn’t stand still for the wounded, injured and sick service personnel and veterans.

Watch the Help for Heroes Mannequin Challenge here:


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