Help shape Wiltshire’s plans to 2036 : Wiltshire Local Plan Review

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Help shape Wiltshire’s plans to 2036 : Wiltshire Local Plan Review

Wiltshire Council has a statutory duty to plan for the new homes, jobs and infrastructure needed to support Wiltshire’s communities while protecting the local environment and quality of life and to keep it’s plans up to date.

The Council is reviewing the Wiltshire Core Strategy adopted in January 2015 which sets out policies for the future development of the county over the period to 2026 and is used in the determination of planning applications.  The review of the Wiltshire Core Strategy (renamed the Wiltshire Local Plan) will extend the period to which the plan relates to 2036.

This is your opportunity to inform the review of the local plan.  The consultation starts on Tuesday 7 November 2017. All comments should be submitted by 5pm Tuesday 19 December 2017

The Council is seeking the views of the Wiltshire community on the scope of the review, including the preparation of a Joint Spatial Framework to consider how development across the Borough of Swindon and the Wiltshire Council area should take place. Consultation documents have been prepared to stimulate discussion and ask questions about the strategic issues to be considered in the review in relation to Chippenham, Salisbury and Trowbridge (as Wiltshire’s principal settlements) and the market towns named in the core strategy.

For example, in relation to Tidworth, the consultation documents include information about the recent rate of house building (including affordable housing), employment change and environmental constraints. The Tidworth and Ludgershall profile acknowledges that:

  • The local employment base relies heavily on the MoD, which is also a major land owner. This also affects the social and economic balance of the community.
  • A relatively significant amount of land for housing development is already allocated or permitted.
  • The Wiltshire Core Strategy allocation has so far not been attractive to investment and there appears to be un-met demand for employment development.
  • Phosphate levels in the River may pose a constraint to development.

And asks the questions:

  • How can growth be encouraged to do more to diversify the local economy and provide a more balanced age and social structure?
  • Should the vision be more specific in terms of the type of employment envisaged?
  • Are additional employment allocations required to provide fit-for-purpose space?

All the consultation documents and supporting evidence will be available on the Councils web site from the 7th  ( and are available to view during normal opening hours at the Council’s main offices at Monkton Park (Chippenham), Bourne Hill (Salisbury), County Hall (Trowbridge) and at all Wiltshire Council libraries.


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