Increased kerbside recycling means mini recycling centre in Tidworth no longer needed

Increased kerbside recycling means mini recycling centre in Tidworth no longer needed

The council needs to continually review it’s waste and recycling services provided to Wiltshire residents to ensure that they remain efficient and cost effective. Due to increased kerbside recycling, we have seen the use of all mini recycling sites significantly reduce and therefore it is no longer cost effective to continue to provide this service when Wiltshire residents are now able to recycle the same items at the kerbside. The council has also closed several mini recycling sites over the past year due to direct requests from landowners. The network has reduced from 14 sites in 2014 to just 7 sites currently.  

Given the above, the council has decided that it will cease providing mini recycling sites as they are no longer a cost effective means of collecting material for recycling.    

We therefore wish to inform you that the mini recycling site located at Tidworth Tesco will close on 19 July 2017, with the containers being physically removed shortly after this date. 

In order to inform current users of the removal of this site, we will shortly be placing posters on the containers with details of the removal date and alternative recycling options. In addition landowners, local councillors, town and parish councils have also been advised of the changes. If you would like to ensure that we inform a certain group of residents please contact us with the relevant contact information and we will endeavour to extend the communications to those residents where possible. 

The council will arrange for the removal of any permanent signs or infrastructure originally installed by the council, once the containers have been removed, and current arrangements for site cleansing will remain in place for a limited period following the site closure, in order to deal with any littering that may result.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting local recycling by locating the containers on your land. Should you have any questions or queries regarding the closure of the facility or any other signage then please do not hesitate to contact the waste management team on 0300 456 0102 or email


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