Our Community Matters Tidworth Community Area

Our Community Matters Tidworth Community Area

The ‘Our Community Matters’ event for Tidworth Community Area took place on Wednesday 9th November at Wellington Academy with 104 local people having their say on what the local priorities should be for our community over next two years.

The brand new Tidworth Community Area Joint Strategic Assessment covered local issues across health and wellbeing, community safety, the economy, transport, the environment, housing, older people, children and young people and culture.

If you weren’t able to attend the event or want to have a look at the data again, it’s all available here.

The assessment allowed us to see what has changed since 2014 and helped us decide what needs to change over the next two years.

You can view the short film from the night celebrating the community achievements over the past 2 years here.

Tidworth JSA3

The evidence also helped us decide how we can deliver local projects to address the challenges in our community and we heard your suggestions on how we can, together, make the Tidworth Community Area a better place to live in, work in and to visit.

Tidworth JSA2

A huge thank you to all that attended, contributed and helped the event to run smoothly and a special thank you to Laura at Tesco Tidworth who kindly arranged all the refreshments for the evening.

A full report detailing the chosen  priorities, and suggested projects will be presented at the Tidworth Area Board on January 16th at the Wellington Academy. I look forward to seeing you there!


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