People asked to respond to canvass


You are being encouraged to respond to this year’s annual election canvass if you haven’t already done so.

In August, 213,000 household enquiry forms were sent out to each property to ask you to ensure the details Wiltshire Council has on eligible voters living there are up to date and correct. So far, more than 179,000 people (around 84%) have responded.

You can respond by text or online as this is not only easy and convenient for them, but it also saves the council money.

Responding through the automated system is straightforward and each form has its own security code and instructions.

Carlton Brand, Wiltshire Council corporate director and returning officer for Wiltshire has spoken on a short video to encourage people to respond as quickly as possible. The video can be found at

Carlton says: “We’ve had a pretty good response so far but we’re still waiting for people to come back to us. It really is a simple process, particularly by using the text number or responding online, so I’d ask people to not delay any more and confirm their details.

“If people want to have their say on local and national matters that affect them, such as an election or referendum, they need to be registered to vote, so it’s vital they respond.”

Details can be confirmed by visiting and selecting Wiltshire Council, or texting 80212 using the security codes printed at the top of the form. This is the quickest and easier way to confirm the information on the form is correct, although it can also be posted.

If details aren’t correct they can be updated by using the security codes provided at the top of the household enquiry form. Alternatively, the form can be amended and returned in the prepaid envelope provided.

If you have added anyone to the form, they will still need to register to vote individually. To do this you need to visit and provide your date of birth and national insurance number to complete their registration.

The deadline to respond is 6 November.

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