Pre-consultation for the proposed conversation of Footpath NTID30 to a Cycle Track.

Pre-consultation for the proposed conversation of Footpath NTID30 to a Cycle Track.

The British Army is undergoing a series of transformations including bringing troops back to the UK that are currently based in Germany. Part of the overall plan includes the Salisbury Plain Training Area Army Basing programme, which includes new Service Family Accommodation (SFA) in Ludgershall/Perham Down, Bulford and Larkhill. Around 1,200 new SFA units will be provided within these areas under this programme.

To mitigate the traffic impact of this development the Army has instigated a series of transport measures which include conventional junction capacity improvements at key locations and improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure.  To help achieve this cycling network, the Army has dedicated land in the form of a footpath to Wiltshire Council for a shared use path which links Perham Down to Tidworth. This will connect with the new shared cycling and walking facility along Somme Road and will eventually link into a new shared facility that is being provided with the SFA in Ludgershall. These will both connect with a new signalised crossing to access Wellington Academy.

The Council is promoting the conversion of the newly dedicated footpath NTID30 to a cycle track in order to provide a safe and convenient cycle route between Army garrisons in Tidworth, Perham Down and Ludgershall.

I am therefore writing to seek your views and support for the conversion of the new footpath known as NTID30, which the Army dedicated to Wiltshire Council.

This is a pre-consultation event prior to the formal Traffic Regulation Order being advertised. The purpose is to seek views on the proposal to ensure that any proposals are acceptable and unlikely to be rejected at a later stage.

As such I am asking for your initial comments in response to the proposal.

Please provide your comments in writing to me by 31st July 2017.

If no comments are received by this date I will assume that you or your organisation supports the scheme.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.



Martin D Aldam

Senior Transport Planner

Wiltshire Council

Tel: 01225 713485



Please note: I do not work on Wednesdays.



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