Recycle for Wiltshire in Tidworth Community Area

Recycle for Wiltshire in Tidworth Community Area

The Waste Team at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust have launched Recycle for Wiltshire in Tidworth Community Area and are here to help reduce rubbish and recycle more!

In Wiltshire each household throws away a tonne of rubbish a year – the same weight as a small car. Almost 45% of this rubbish was recycling and composting; which is great, but up to half of the rubbish we throw into our black bins could be recycled at home using the Council’s recycling collections. Much of it is food waste but textiles, paper and plastic bottles can all be recycled at home but often end up in the black bin.

We can all make a difference by throwing away less at home. Reducing our rubbish and recycling more saves money and helps conserve valuable resources, saves energy and reduces landfill which all helps to protect the environment.

For over 10 years Wiltshire Council has funded Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to educate and encourage school children and communities throughout the county to reduce, reuse and recycle more of their household rubbish. Keep an eye out for ‘Recycle for Wiltshire’ events happening near you. We’ll be working with local pre-schools and nurseries, schools and community groups, helping you to reduce your rubbish in lots of fun ways. From swap shops to upcycling come and find out how! If you are passionate about recycling and reducing your rubbish, we’d love to hear from you – please contact Jessica Thimbleby at or call 01380 736077. Follow us on twitter @SlimBinsWilts

recycle for wiltshire

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