Take Five to Stop Fraud

Take five to stop fraud

Many people may already know the dos and don’ts of financial fraud- that no-one should ever ask them for their PIN or full password, or ever make them feel pressured into moving money to a ‘safe account’. The trouble is, in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget this.

Remember, under no circumstances would your bank or the police:

  • Phone and ask you for your PIN or full banking password, even by tapping them into your phone keypad
  • Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them for safe-keeping
  • Ask you to transfer money to a safe account for fraud reasons, even if they say it is in your name
  • Send someone to your home to collect cash, PIN, cards or cheque books if you are a victim of fraud
  • Ask you to purchase goods using your card and then hand them over for safe-keeping

Too Smart to be scammed?

Think again. Most people think they wouldn’t fall for a fraudulent text or email, but criminals are more sophisticated than ever. Take our test to see if you can find the fraud and know when it’s time to say ‘My money? My info? I don’t think so’.

Visit our website Take Five to Stop Fraud for more details

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