Tidworth Area Board Grant Helps Improve Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall

Tidworth Area Board Grant Helps Improve Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall

We have a long-term programme to improve the energy efficiency of Collingbourne Kingston Village Hall. First, as a DIY job, we insulated the loft over the audience part of the main Hall.  Then, with funding from Tidworth Area Board aid, and generous support from private donors and Collingbourne Kingston Parish Council, we replaced a lot of metal framed single glazed windows with uPVC framed double glazing – a professional job of course, although we did the necessary planning permission application process ourselves.  Next, we added a lot of pipe wrap and other insulation to our antiquated central heating and hot water system, put padded foil reflectors behind those radiators positioned on (the inside of) external walls and added some draft excluder here and there – this was all DIY.  All through this time we have replaced any failed light fittings with modern low-energy equivalents – as a public building, most of this needed to be done by a professional but we have been able to do some of this ourselves. 

If one stood on the edge of the stage during last winter, it was clear that lots of warm air from the audience area was flowing onto the stage area and disappearing through the roof.  Early in 2016, we received a Tidworth Area Board grant of £1,000.00 being 100% of the structure work needed to make a false ceiling over our stage and a parish council grant to pay for lowering of light fittings to go along with this.  Now, we have paid for the ceiling structure to be boarded and skimmed with plaster by a professional and expect to get the whole area repainted by the end of the year. 

Two more energy efficiency jobs await, one is cavity wall insulation which should be straightforward (if expensive) and the other is under-floor insulation which is more problematic.  Still, onward and upward, as they say, or, in this case, perhaps onward and downward. 

We would be pleased to help if any other building managers want to talk through a similar programme. 

Chris Patrick – Treasurer – Collingbourne Village Hall



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