Wiltshire Council prepares for new coin

Wiltshire Council prepares for new coin

Wiltshire Council has made changes in readiness for the new 12-sided pound coin. 

The new coin, which is in circulation from today, can now be used in many council venues and to pay for services. 

A number of council machines have had to be updated to accept the new currency including 85 parking machines across the county and 46 automated machines in local libraries. In order to keep costs to a minimum there has been a reduction of some of the less-used parking machines with more people choosing to pay for parking using their mobile phones.  

Wiltshire Council Corporate Director, Carlton Brand said: “We have been working hard to ensure that most of our services and venues can accept the new coin to ensure there is a smooth transition for our customers. 

“ We also saw this as an opportunity to remove parking machines that are hardly used, which not only saves money but also encourages people to pay by mobile phone in a quick, easy and convenient way.” 

The new £1 coin has been introduced to help lower the risk of people counterfeiting it – which was more likely to happen with the previous design. 


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