Wiltshire goes to the polls in just over a week

Wiltshire goes to the polls in just over a week

With little over a week to go until the polls open for the local elections, people are being urged to get out and cast their vote.

The polls open for the unitary and parish council elections on 4 May from 7am until 10pm, with the count and results declared throughout the day on 5 May.

Wiltshire’s returning officer and Wiltshire Council corporate director, Carlton Brand said: “We want as many people to vote in these elections as possible and help ensure the democratic process is strong in the county. Those who are elected will make daily decisions that will affect the lives of individuals, families and communities right across Wiltshire.

“So my message is simple, those that are registered to vote please do so on 4 May and make your decision, as it’s a vital one.”

Carlton explains the process of the count and more about his role as Wiltshire’s returning officer in this short video –

Here is all the information people need to know:

  • People can find their local unitary and parish council candidates by visiting
  • People can find their local polling station by visiting It can also be found on people’s polling cards
  • People do not need their polling card to vote but it does help speed up the process when they arrive at the polling station
  • For those voting by post, they need to ensure their ballot paper arrives at their polling station or Monkton Park only by close of poll, 10pm on 4 May
  • The count will take place on 5 May throughout the day with all unitary results expected to be confirmed by around 2pm and parish results around 6pm
  • To find out all the live results as they are declared people should visit or follow @WiltsCouncil on Twitter, using the hashtag #WiltsVote17
  • For any other information about the elections people should visit or call 0300 456 0112

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