Wiltshire top in the country for best new secondary and primary school places

Wiltshire top in the country for best new secondary and primary school places
Wiltshire schools are top in the country for providing the best quality new school places at primary and secondary school level, according to a national report.   The Department for Education (DfE) “scorecard” report puts Wiltshire Council as the top ranking local authority in England for the quality of school places provided.   The report provides data on local authorities’ progress on delivering good quality school places. For Wiltshire, 100 percent of new primary school places and secondary school places were created in good or outstanding schools between 2014/15 and 2015/16.   Wiltshire Council corporate director Carolyn Godfrey said: “Parents rightly want their children to have access to a thriving academic environment that helps their child achieve their potential. I’m pleased to see Wiltshire is meeting this aspiration and is top in the country for providing good or outstanding new school places. We will continue to work with schools to build on these good results into the future.”   The report by the DfE provides a snapshot of the progress towards ensuring there are sufficient good school places in each local authority area across England.   The data shows how many places have been delivered or are planned to be delivered and provide information about the quality of places for the academic year 2015 to 2016.   The scorecards also show forecasting accuracy of local authorities, how well parental preference is met and the cost of providing places in their area.   -ends-

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